Social Media Packages

Want to partner with us for an extended period of time?

We offer Social Media Packages. Depending on how many videos and the frequency you want us to post videos for your business, we offer a variety of different plans we can fully customize to your needs.

All videos are posted to social media pages in HD within 3 days of filming. These packages are catered to individual marketing needs but not limited to – Interviews, commercials, Instagram videos, website footage, ect.

Samples of our work

Gronk Fitness Promo

Featuring Gordie , Chris and Rob Gronkowski
Special Guest Matt higgins

Circuit training # 1

Featuring Gordie Gronkowski

Gronk Fitness Promo

Featuring Gordie Sr, Gordie JR and Dan Gronkowski

Sled work

Featuring Gordie Gronkowski

Speed Ladder

Featuring Gordie Gronkowski

Free Weights

Featuring Gordie Gronkowski


Ryan Johnson

Billerica School Showcase

Featuring Gronk Fitness Equipment

Inertia Bands

Featuring Dan Gronkowski

Cardio with the Punching Bag

Featuring Gordie and Dan Gronkowski


Featuring Dan Gronkowski

Creator of Gronk Fitness

Gordy Gronkowski